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Connecting millionaires and billionaires with aspiring entrepreneurs


Q – What is Action Pact Millionaire Mentor Network?

A – Action Pact is a network of millionaires and billionaires looking to mentor entrepreneurs that are looking to start up a new business or wanting to take their current business to the next level, ultimately taking their business to millionaire and billionaire status.

Q – Is there a membership fee to join APMMN?

A – No, there are no fees to join APMMN. In the future we will be creating a higher level group that will allow you to physically network with APMMN millionaires and billionaires that will cost to join but for now, APMMN has no fees join.

Q – How do I join APMMN?

A – Joining is easy. Simply like us on facebook or twitter. You can also be put on our email list by filling out the join our group box on our front page.

Q – Does APMMN have a physical networking group?

A – Yes we have a group under the same name Action Pact Millionaire Mentor Network. Our group is located in Austin, Texas and will have our meeting in our city. Simply go to to join our meetup group.

Q – I live outside of Austin, Texas. Can I still join the APMMN?

A – Definitely! Simply like us on our facebook page or follow us on twitter to stay up to date on our happenings. You can also sign up on our email list box posted on our home page.

Q – How can I become a APMMN mentor?

A – That is easy. Simply email us at and request to become a mentor. Be sure to send over your business bio to help us understand your business knowledge and accomplishments. We will then put you on our millionaire/billionaire mentor list and invite you to be on our podcast show.

Q – I am a millionaire/billionaire mentor. How do I get an interview on the APMMN podcast?

A – Email us at and request a podcast interview. Be sure to include your bio and any products or services you have and we will contact you back to schedule a podcast interview day and time. Podcast interviews can be done over the phone or by Skype.

Q – I am an entrepreneur seeking a millionaire/billionaire mentor. How do I get on your entrepreneurs list?

A – Send us an email at nick @ actionpactmillionaire . com and put “Seeking mentor” in the subject line. Include your bio and we will send it out to our list of millionaire and billionaire mentors and those mentors who are interested will be able to contact you directly.

Q – I have a product or service I am selling. Do you sell banner ad space on your site?

A – Yes, see our advertising link at the bottom of our page to check banner ad placement pricing

Q – I noticed you provide a high quality video commercial for luxury products and services business owners. Could you do that for me? And how much does it cost?

A – Yes. The cost would depend on if we did an advertising partnership, how far your company is from us here in Austin, Texas and how intricate the commercial would be. Email us at and let us know what kind of product or service you have and we can figure out cost or partnership details.

Q – I have an online marketing business, how can I partner with you to help us both get maximum online exposure?

A – Simply email us at nick @ and tell about your business. Be sure to include a link to your website and what kind of partnership you are interested in and we will get back to asap.

Q – Does Nick Royce do celebrity interviews, talks or engagements?

A – Yes he does! Email us and send over your event specifics and we will contact you back very soon to work out the details.